Public Works

Musee Pleine Aire, Paris, France
Ferro cement sculpture.

Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park, Governor State University,LakeForest, Illinois
Ferro cement sculpture.

University of Chicago, Illinois
Ferro cement sculpture.
Panza di Biumo, Villa Litta, Varese, Italy
(Now in Guggenheim Museum Collection) Seamless steel pipe installation.

Florida International University, Miami
Two part black limestone carving.

Old City Hall, Lincoln, Nebraska
Two part Pennsylvania granite carving and design for urban park.

Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ferro cement sculpture.

General Mills Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Canadian black granite carving.

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Three part Pennsylvanian granite carving.

Rutgers University, New Jersey
Two ferro cement sculptures, landscape and design of a courtyard for a medical research building.

Wanas Sculpture Park, Wanas, Sweden
Ferro cement sculpture in wooded setting for “Wanas 1990” exhibition.

Mobil Oil Corporation, Richmond, Virginia
Two Portuguese marble carvings located on the plaza of the corporation headquarters.

Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, Missouri
Ferro cement sculpture.

Stockholm, Sweden
"Elliptical Cone" Swedish black granite carving in city center.

Houston, Texas
“Oasis” public park and fountain in quartzite and granite.